What is Animal Communication?

Animal communication is telepathic communication which is the direct transference of thought between minds in the form of words, pictures, impressions, physical sensations and ideas. Literally, telepathic means "feeling across a distance."

Animal Communication is a universal language that we all can speak. It is my belief that when humans learn speech, the skill to communicate telepathically atrophies because it is no longer used on a regular basis, and many times not validated when it is used.

By being in a relaxed, receptive state and quieting the mind, one is able to receive communication from other beings on an intuitive, nonverbal level. Messages are received in the form of thoughts, pictures, feelings and physical sensations, often giving a more complete picture than communicating merely by speech. It is not necessary to be in the physical presence of the animal you are communicating with, nor it is it necessary that the animal be in its body, since you are connecting mind to mind.