To make an appointment for me to communicate with your animal, simply call me at 307.733.8499 (MST) or email me at Calling is the quickest way to contact me as I do not check email every day. 

When we talk, I will ask you for your name, location, phone number and a brief description of your animal including name, age, breed and any specific markings or physical attributes. A picture is helpful, but not necessary. We will discuss the situation that you are calling about, and the questions that you want me to communicate to your animal (it may help to write these down ahead of time). We will set up an appointment to talk again so that I can relay to you the answers I have received from your animal. I prefer to be off the phone when I communicate telepathically so I can give my full attention to receiving the messages your animal is sending.  

$40 for 1/2 hour
$50 for 45 minutes
$65 for 1 hour

The time charged includes our initial conversation, the time I spend off the phone connecting with your animal, and our follow up conversation. There is no limit to the number of animals you would like me to speak with or the number of questions you have.

Payment can be made online or by check. To pay by credit card or online bank transfer via PayPal, please use the secure payment button below.

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