About Heidi

I live in Wyoming and have been involved in animal communication since 1993. At that time I came across Penelope Smith's book AnimalTalk, which discusses interspecies communication. It made sense to me that all beings are connected and can communicate with one another; all we have to do is remember how.

Wanting to learn more, I took a workshop from Penelope and was overjoyed to find that this was true – every person in that workshop received real, verifiable information from animals they had never met. I was hooked! 

As I practiced my newly remembered skills, it became clear to me how much I enjoy helping facilitate a greater understanding between animals and their people. Often problems that have become very upsetting can be resolved easily just by understanding what the animal's point of view is. 

I have communicated with many different species, from hamsters to bison, but most people call me about their dogs, cats and horses. I love it all and am grateful to have remembered that we really can talk to the animals, and they can talk to us.